ZrBizNet is a new unique economic event in Serbia, which will be held on 20 / 22 September 2018. in City of Zrenjanin,  that will provide businessmen for three days of: B2B meetings, educational discussions, lectures on current business topics and contact with institutions that support business. This years moto is: Move on!

Experts of different profiles from the private sector, professional associations, educational institutions institutions, state and non-governmental organizations.

Exhibitors are from various successful production and non-production companies from Serbia and abroad, predominantly from the region of the Central Banat Administrative District.

The program
B2B meetings, presentations, round tables, educational workshops on different topics, exhibition of products of local craftsmen...


Invitation to companies
We are pleased to invite you to participate in a new economic event on the territory of the Central Banat Administrative District, which will be held from September 20 to 22, 2018.

Economic manifestation of ZRBIZNET – Move on! is designed to gather entrepreneurs and businessmen from the territory of Serbia and other countries from the region, to speed up communication between business entities, or to create new business contacts. At this business event, companies will have the opportunity to introduce, meet and connect with other companies, get acquainted with business support institutions and educate themselves from various fields.

This way of networking of entrepreneurs ensures the arrangement of concrete business arrangements in a quick and easy way, in addition, it is an excellent opportunity for building partnerships with business support institutions.

Within the event, we are planning to organize presentations of the largest companies, present various funds, banks, institutions, as well as opportunities for launching and registering new business entities.

ZrBizNet is an opportunity that should not be missed

Interviews with the members of the Organizing Committee

(Mr Miroslav Đurić)
Face-to-face conversation is still one of the most effective ways to promote and meet business people. The inclusion of the City of Zrenjanin  in the organization, to ZRBIZNET additionally gives importance

The General Association of Entrepreneurs Zrenjanin, together with the Union of Employers of Serbia - Employers Zrenjanin, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Central Banat Administrative District, organizes this year's ZRBIZNET.

Miroslav Djuric, president of the General Association of Entrepreneurs Zrenjanin, has many years of experience in organizing business-fair events.

  • Economic manifestations of a fair type for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises are of great importance. It is still the best opportunity for businessmen to meet, talk, exchange experiences, get acquainted and agree on potential future cooperation, Đurić said. It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen to promote their own production and to present their production program, Đurić said.

The inclusion of the city or local self-government in the organization of ZRBIZNET, which is held for the second time from September 20 to 22, gives the event an additional weight.

  • Organizing such a business event is a serious business. It needs knowledge, persistence and, of course, finance. Some of the manifestations of this type in the region have disappeared and on the other hand,  Zrenjanin has an upgraded and modern fair, so this speaks for itself how capable and engaged we are. As organizers, our tasks  are to create conditions and ambience, and entrepreneurs and businessmen should  take advantage of this opportunity, Đurić said.

The accompanying program has an increasing importance at trade fair manifestations.

  • We strive to provide a quality accompanying program in the form of lectures, education, workshops. The survey provides information on what is important to entrepreneurs, what they would like to know more about, and we are trying to provide it. Today's knowledge is very expensive and entrepreneurs should really use the opportunity to hear completely without any charge what is accurate and important for business, emphasizes Djuric and adds:
    • I use every opportunity and even this to invite entrepreneurs and businessmen to participate in ZRBIZNET, says Djuric. The conditions are very favorable and there is really no reason not to appear, promote production, introduce to other businessmen, Đurić said.

(Mr Goran Nešić)
The accompanying program is an important element of this year's ZRBIZNET. Special attention to the youngest

Preparations for the second ZRBIZNET, which will be held from September 20 to 22, are in full swing. This is not surprising because the organizers this year decided to create a manifestation that will have more content under the slogan "Move on", get an international character, and pave the way for the next one, which, again, must be better and different.

Preparations are the reason for the interview with Goran Nesic, the President of the Administrative Board of the Employers Union of Serbia - Employers of Zrenjanin. The Union is the initiator and one of the organizers of this year's ZRBIZNET.

  • This year we decided to leave the framework of Central Banat, educated by the interest of many businessmen and entrepreneurs from other countries and our country last year. We have achieved cooperation with Timisoara, Bihać, Osijek, Celje, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. New contacts - new topics. The idea is to call businessmen who produce something that we do not produce here. For example, we will try to bring two large manufacturers of small kraft brewery equipment. We want our city to be recognized for the production of good beer, and  5 to 10 small kraft brewers to compete on the market with quality and taste, says Goran Nešić.

In addition to the exhibiting part that is implicit in fair events, an important element of this year's ZRBIZNET is the accompanying program that will be different and more modern than it was last year.

  • We decided to organize panels on various topics. We have seen that classic lectures do not give the effect as conversation does. One of the topics we have been running is the application of IT solutions in business. The application of information technology is a number one topic above all. On a panel discussion and on concrete case, we will try to show that the application of IT solutions is possible even for smaller business entities and how technology saves both, time and employees and brings profit and satisfied customers.

We are planning another very interesting content: a mini fair of real estate. In one place we will bring together all those who have to do with real estate sales. So they will be able to find out what is under construction, what is for sale, what are the prices, what kind of credits, what papers are needed

This year we will give special attention to the youngest. We imagine that as an open door, so that children can visit companies that produce something. Future entrepreneurs are certainly among the youngest, as well. We will organize a mini-market - let the youngest show how they know to be producers, traders, economists, says Nesic.

This year the organizers of ZRBIZNET are the Union of Employers of Serbia - Employers of Zrenjanin, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, General Association of Entrepreneurs and the City of Zrenjanin.

As we have gathered all the associations on the territory of the city, we want to gather associations, clusters, all organizational forms of associations of entrepreneurs from Vojvodina. To come together and to see on examples of good practice what we can do to improve the economic environment.


Concept of the meeting

All participants will have stands where they will be able to present their institution, company

Registration fee for one equipped exhibition space of 9m2 is 12,000.00 dinars. Other options are available. You can find more about this in the application form.

Organizers will provide places for "B2B" meetings

Within the event we plan to organize the presentation of companies, banks, insurance companies and other business support institutions


  • City of Zrenjanin
  • Chamber of Commerce of Serbia - Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Central Banat
  • Administrative District in Zrenjanin
  • Union of Employers of Serbia - Employers Zrenjanin
  • The General Association of Entrepreneurs Zrenjanin  

Translation for the introducing video:

Second International Trade Fair Zrbiznet, Zrenjanin, from September 20th to 22nd, at Hall of Medison. Present your company in the best light, improve your business, get acquainted with funds for financing business people, IT technology in the economy and other news from the world of business, expand the network of associates, leave your CV at the employment fair. Move on. Zrbiznet.

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